Drawing and Painting and Pottery, oh my!

003Girl Scouts of all ages have the opportunity to earn badges while exploring their creative side.  Brownies on up can earn a variety of different artistic badges, such as:

  • Potter (Brownies)
  • Painting (Brownies)
  • Drawing (Juniors)
  • Comic Artist (Cadette)
  • Textile Artist (Senior)
  • Photographer (Ambassador)

002A great local resource is the Arlington Center for the Arts. Located at 41 Foster Street in East Arlington, the center is open to arranging for specific workshops for local troops who are interesting in working on these badges or other artistic pursuits.  For more information, contact Pam Shanley at 617-872-5143 or pam@acarts.org.

Another local studio which will organize special pottery workshops for Girl Scouts is Mud Flat Studio at 81 Broadway St. in East Somerville.  For information about to book a pottery workshop for a troop, call Mud Flat at 617-628-0589 and speak to Gabrielle.


First Aid Badge Ideas

first aid badgesThe First Aid badge is one of seven legacy badges that have been a part of Girl Scouting for decades.  Girls Scouts from Brownies to Ambassadors can earn this badge and here are some ideas and resources to help.

Troop 71205 with TEMSStudent volunteers at Tufts University run the Tufts Emergency Medical Service (TEMS), which provides emergency medical care to students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the Medford Campus.  The students are Massachusetts-certified emergency medical technicians and they respond to more than 400 requests for aid each year.  The TEMS students have let Medford Girl Scouts know that they would be happy to come out to help local girl scout troops learn specific first aid skills and more about how to handle emergency situations.  You can reach the TEMS coordinator at tems@tufts.edu.

Brownies and TEMS


If you are a troop leader or volunteer,  another way to help individual Girl Scouts and/or a troop earn the First Aid badge is to become CPR/First Aid certified and lead some of the steps yourself.  Click here to search for upcoming GSEM Medic First Aid and CPR trainings.  Steps you will be able to lead if you become certified include:

  • Brownies:  Step 1) Find out how to get help from 911; and Step 3) Make a first aid kit.
  • Juniors: Step 1) Learn the first steps in an emergency (check, call, and care); and Step 3) Make a portable first aid kit.
  • Cadettes:  Step 2) Know how to use everything in a first aid kit; and Step 3) How to recognize the treat shock
  • Seniors:  Step 2) Know how to help someone with a head or neck injury; and Step 3) Learn how to use everyday objects to make splints.

Encourage Girls to Lead with the Ban Bossy program materials

Ban Bossy is a new program from Girl Scouts and LeanIn.org that encourages girls to BanBossy-Patchaspire to be leaders and to learn leadership skills.  If you are looking for some programming ideas for your troop, the Ban Bossy site has suggested activities for girls aged 7 and up.  For example, the “G.I.R.L.” decision making process helps girls learn effective decision making skills and there is another activity that gives girls an opportunity to practice using “I-Statements,” a great tool for resolving conflicts.

Check out the “For Troop Leaders” section of the website http://www.banbossy.com to download the “Leadership Tips for Troop Leaders” guide, which includes information about how to lead these, and other, activities.

GSEMA Troop Terrific Patch

Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass recently updated the requirements for troops to earn the Troop Terrific patch.  The purpose of this patch is to recognize girls and troops for their Girl Scout pride, and to assist volunteers and girls in planning a balanced troop year, by incorporating:  Troop Terrific

  • Journeys and the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting
  • The three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect, and Take Action
  • The three processes: Girl Led, Cooperative Learning, Learning by Doing
  • Interaction with troops across Eastern Massachusetts
  • Community Service
  • Service Unit Participation
  • GSEMA Program Participation
  • Volunteer Team and Volunteer Training
This patch program is based on troop participation, rather than individual girl achievement. If the troop completes the activities, individual girls are not excluded from earning the patch because they missed one or some of the activities.

Click here for the GSEMA Troop Terrific badge requirements