2018/19 is a Record-Setting Year for Cookie Sales in Medford

img_0323Medford Girl Scouts sold a record number of packages of cookies this year.  31 troops from Daisies to Ambassadors sold 43,776 packages, which is a 21% increase from last year!



This Year’s Top 5 Selling Troops are:

  • Ambassador Troop 65007 – 4,660
  • Junior Troop 69039 – 4,056
  • Cadette Troop 65456 – 2,785
  • Cadette Troop 68137 – 2,500
  • Brownie Troop 62969 – 2,304


The Top Selling Girls:

  • 3,010 – Marianne O’Connell (Ambassador Troop 65007)
  • 1,000 – Abby Boyle (Ambassador Troop 65007)
  • 784 – Aubrey DiRusso (Cadette Troop 65456)
  • 752 – Lorelai Davis (Cadette Troop 65456)
  • 558 – Victoria Remick (Cadette Troop 65456)
  • 558 – Dylan Ominsky  (Cadette Troop 65456)
Additional Girls Who Made it into the 500 Club:
  • Alessandra Bouley (Brownie Troop 72096)
  • Sophia LaBissoniere (Junior Troop 69039)
  • Mia Le (Junior Troop 69039)
  • Ellie Lynch (Ambassador Troop 65007)
  • Bethiah Peirce (Cadette Troop 68137)
Special thanks to all the businesses and locations that hosted Medford Girl Scout cookie booths this year:
  • Burlington Mall
  • All Eyes
  • Dunkin’ (154 Main St)
  • Medford Post Office (Forest St.)
  • MBTA
  • Stop and Shop (Wellington Plaza)
  • Tufts University
  • Xfinity Store (Assembly Square)

And extra special thanks to our Service Unit Cookie Mentor, Monique O’Connell,  and our Cookie Booth Coordinator, Nancy Carbone!


Medford’s Marianne O’Connell is Eastern Mass’s top cookie seller for 2018!

MarianneThis year, the girl who sold the most cookies in all of Eastern Massachusetts is from Medford! Marianne O’Connell sold 4,408 packages, which is more than most troops sell in total.  Marianne and her Senior Troop 65007 are saving up for a Girl Scout trip to Europe and selling cookies is the cornerstone of their fundraising strategy.  They were Medford’s top selling troop with a total of 6,608 packages. Congratulations to Marianne and the rest of the girls in Troop 65007!

cookiechartIn total there were 244 Medford girls selling cookies this year for a grand total of 35,490 packages sold, which is more than Medford sold in the past three years.



The Top Selling Troops

  1. Senior Troop 65007 – 6,608 Packages
  2. Cadette Troop 65456 – 3,279 Packages
  3. Junior Troop 68137 – 3,003 Packages
  4. Brownie/Junior Troop 69039 – 2,899 Packages
  5. Brownie Troop 62974 – 1,656 Packages

The Top Selling Girls and 500 Club Members

  • 4408 – Marianne O’Connell (65007)
  • 1000 – Allie DeNisco (65007)
  • 750 – Victoria Remick (65456)
  • 750 – Lorelai Davis (65456)
  • 531 – Alessandra Bouley (72096)
  •  500 – Katherine Burke (65007)
  •  500 – Ellie Lynch (65007)
  •  500 – Dylan Ominsky (65456)
  •  500 – Aubrey DiRusso (65456)
Troop65456All girls in Eastern Massachusetts who sell at least 500 packages are in the 500 Club.  This year, girls in the 500 Club will receive a free ticket to Canobie Lake Park for a special 500 Club event on May 20, 2018.
Special thanks to Monique O’Connell, our Medford Cookie Coordinator, and Sammy Parris,  our Cookie Booth Coordinator.  In addition, we are deeply appreciative to the local  businesses that host our cookie booths.  A big shout out to:
  • Rite Aid in West Medford
  • Stop &  Shop in Wellington Circle
  • Modell’s in Wellington Circle
  • Medford Public Library
  • Post Office in Medford Square
  • Tufts University

Medford’s 2017 Cookie Sale was a Huge Success!

16708751_1040803459359154_4615841677668724837_nThe Cookie Cupboards are closed, the Recognition Orders have been placed, and the Cookies-for-a-Cause have been delivered, all of which adds up to the end of another successful Girl Scout cookie season. We are proud to report that this year’s cookie sale far surpassed last year’s totals.  This year, 23 Medford troops sold 33,852 packages of cookies, a 27% increase over last year’s total of 26,515 packages. Way to go girls, volunteers, and our supportive Girl Scout families!  We look forward to seeing how the troops decide to spend their earnings to pay for dynamic troop activities and to help make the world a better place.


Medford’s Top 5 Selling Troops were:

  • Senior Troop 65007 – 4146 packages
  • Brownie Troop 69039  – 3354 packages
  • Junior Troop 68137 – 2705 packages
  • Cadette Troop 71198 – 2200 packages
  • Junior Troop 65456 – 2096 packages


This year, Medford has 7 girls in the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts 500 Club for selling over 500 packages, they are:

  • Marianne O’Connell (Troop 65007) – 2,050 packages
  • Allie DeNisco  (Troop 65007)  – 1,041 packages
  • Jennifer O’Connell (Troop 71198)- 1,000 packages
  • Abby Lynch (Troop 71198)   – 755 packages
  • Bridget Heald (Troop 68140)  – 515 packages
  • Allesandra Bouley (Troop 72096)   – 501 packages
  • Ellie Lynch  (Troop 65007) – 500 packages

Each member of the 500 Club will receive a ticket for themselves (and one for a chaperone) to Canobie Lake Park, to attend the park and participate in the 500 Club ceremony event.


2017 marks the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts selling cookies and from the first cookie (Shortbread) to the most recent addition to the lineup (S’mores),  Girl Scout cookies have been teaching girls how to run their own business, learn financial literacy skills, and work together as a troop to set goals.


Special thanks to our Medford Cookie Mentor,  Monique O’Connell, and the Medford Booth Coordinator, Sammy Parris,  and congratulations again to all Medford Girl Scouts for great work they do selling cookies, and all year ’round.



Medford Cookie Sale Roundup 2016

Troop65226Cookie season has come to an end and, once again, Medford Girl Scouts did a stellar job.  The funds raised will pay for troop activities and the girls may also decide to make the world a better place by supporting other charities with a portion of the money they have earned.

Medford sold a grand total of 26,515 packages!

The Top 5 Selling Medford Troops

  1. Cadette Troop 65007 – 3,709 packages
  2. Junior Troop 65456 – 2,701 packages
  3. Daisy/Brownie Troop 69039 – 2,495 packages
  4. Brownie Troop 68137 – 2,290 packages
  5. Daisy Troop 79021 – 2,064 packages

This year, Medford has 7 girls in the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts 500 Club for selling over 500 packages, they are:

  • Marianne O’Connell – 2,023
  • Ellie Lynch – 1,115
  • Jennifer O’Connell – 694
  • Bridget Heald – 537
  • Lorelai Davis  – 609
  • Gabriella Ortiz  – 500
  • Kara MacDonald – 500

Brownies68137Congratulations to the girls and troops mentioned above, and to all Medford Girl Scouts, for a successful cookie season.  Special thanks to Monique O’Connell for being our Medford Service Unit Cookie Manager and to Sammy Parris for being our Medford Cookie Booth Sale Coordinator.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Get Ready for Cookie Season by Earning Leaves and Badges

Daisy LeavesTo prepare for cookie season, Girl Scouts has specific badges for all ages that lead the girls through age-appropriate activities to help them prepare to sell cookies.  Daisies can earn leaves, older girls earn badges, and all of these activities help the girls learn how to interact with customers, set goals, learn about money, as well as to think about how they want to use the money they earn to pay for troop activities and to support charities that make the world a better place.

Here’s more information about the badges and leaves related to the cookie sale for each level.  Complete requirements can be found in each level’s Girl Scout Handbook.  Click here for an overview of the cookie badges from Daisies to Ambassadors.

In addition to these badges, the cookie sale is an ideal opportunity for Juniors to earn their Junior Aide Award.  This award is for Girl Scout Juniors who help lead activities for younger Girl Scouts.  By the time they are in 4th and 5th grade, Girl Scouts are cookie sale masters and they would be experts in helping younger girls learn about the different types of cookies, how to ask people if they want to buy cookies, and how to make change, for example.  To earn the Junior Aide Award, Juniors must help lead activities at three different meetings.  Click here for the complete requirements.


If you know of a Junior who would like to earn this award, or if you are a leader of a Daisy or Brownie Troop and you would like to invite Juniors to come and help your girls learn about the cookie sale, contact Medford Girl Scouts through this page and we will try to help you make the connection.  https://medfordgirlscouts.org/contact-us/

Medford’s 2015 Cookie Sale Stats

500ClubCookie sale season has ended and Medford Girl Scouts did a fantastic job selling cookies to raise money for their troops and the causes they support!

In total, 170 girls from 17 troops participated in the sale with a grand total of 27,441 packages of cookies sold.  That’s an average of 161.42 packages per girl!

The Top 3 Selling Medford Troops

  1. Cadette Troop 65007 (Monique O’Connell & Theresa Colbert) – sold 4,801 packages
  2. Junior Troop 71198 (Amy Jayne McCabe & Dee Fagan) – sold 3,000 packages (Troop 71198 combines their sales under one girl’s name and then and donates the recognition prizes to charity.)
  3. Brownie Troop 65456 (Andie Farro & Leigh Kinsella) – sold 2,818 packages

The 3 Top Selling Medford Girl Scouts

  1. Marianne O’Connell – Troop 65007 – 2,400 packages
  2. Ellie Lynch – Troop 65007 – 1,500 packages
  3. Dylan Ominsky – Troop 65456 – 663 packages

This year, Medford is sending 8 girls to the GSEM 500 Club for selling over 500 packages, other than the 3 mentioned above, our members of the 500 Club are:

  • Lorelai Davie – Troop 65456 – 613 packages
  • Colleen Dooling – Troop 71194 – 530 packages
  • Briana Hamilton – Troop 71194 – 510 packages
  • Nadia Carbone – Troop 66255 – 502 packages
  • Jenny O’Connell & Abigail Lynch (Representing Troop 71198 for their combined sale of 3,000 packages.)

Congratulations to the girls and troops mentioned above, and to all Medford Girl Scouts, for a successful cookie season.  Special thanks to Monique O’Connell for being our Medford Service Unit Cookie Manager and to Amy Jayne McCabe and Sammy Parris for being our Medford Cookie Booth Sale Coordinators.  We couldn’t have done it without you!