Medford Girl Scouts at the Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Monday, May 27
  • Ceremony starts at 10:00 AM, girls should be there by 9:45 AM
  • Oak Grove Cemetery on Playstead Rd.
  • Questions, email Jenna LaBissoniere at
Medford Girl Scouts and their families are invited to participate in the city’s Memorial Day Ceremony. Specifically, the girls will say the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the event. This is not a drop-off event so girls should be supervised.
Attire: Girl are asked to wear full uniform, which is beige/brown pants, skirt, shorts or skort and a white top with their sash or vest.

Bittersweet Clean-Up – Macdonald Park

Medford Girl Scout Citywide Bridging Ceremony

All Medford troops bridging up to the next level are invited to participate in the citywide Bridging Ceremony.  At the ceremony,  the leaders of each troop will bring their girls up on the stage and invite them to cross the ribbon-covered bridge as they prepare to move up to the next level.  Troops are also welcome to contribute to the ceremony with a song, presentation, or other activity.
Girls are asked to wear full uniform (Girl Scout vest/sash and beige/khaki bottoms with a white top.)
  • Tuesday, June 18
  • 6:00 – 7:30 pm
  • Caron Theater, Medford High School
  • Questions and to RSVP, email Jenna LaBissoniere at
This year’s bridging troops are:
From Daisies (1st grade) to Brownies (2nd grade)
  • 82137  – Leaders: Rose, Kristy, and Dena
  • 82138 –  Leaders: Ashley and Leah
  • 82698 –  Leaders: Christin, Diana, and Popi
From Brownies (3rd grade) to Juniors (4th grade)
  • 72091 – Leaders: Sharon and Melissa
  • 72095 – Leaders: Keely, Kathy, and Sarah
  • 72103 – Leaders: Debbie
  • 79027 – Leaders: Jenn and Stacey
  • 67712 – Leaders: Tracy and Patricia
From Juniors (5th grade) to Cadettes (6th grade)
  • 69039 – Leaders: Jenna, Lynda, and Tara (half of the troop will bridge)
  • 72094 – Leaders: Andrea, Florence, and John
  • 72102 – Leaders: Paul and Kathryn
From Cadettes (8th grade) to Seniors (9th grade)
  • 65226 – Leaders: Samantha and Lynda

Monthly Medford Girl Scout Leader/Volunteer Meetings

At least one adult volunteer from each troop is requested to attend the monthly Service Unit leader meetings.  All of the meeting will be held a St Raphael’s Parish, 512 High Street in Medford. Meetings will begin at 7:00 and we will aim to have the business portion of the meetings done by 8:00, with some time to network after. Below is the schedule for the meeting and the room designation if different from our normal meeting room. Please keep in mind that the meeting in September will go over the information for the Fall Sale and the meeting in December will be our Cookie meeting, if you plan to participate in either of these sales you must send a representative from your troop to these meeting.

  • 2018/19 Meetings
  • 4/29
  • No meeting in May
  • June meeting is TBD