Frequently Asked Questions…

I know a girl who is interested in getting involved in Girl Scouts.  Is there a Troop she can join in Medford?DSCN0984

Medford has many troops for different grades and levels of Girl Scouts.  Some troops have room for new members and some are full.  The best thing to do is to reach out to fill out the form on this page (medfordgirlscouts.org/contact-us) to see if there is an appropriate troop, or to find out how to start a new troop!

There’s no troop with room for my girl (or there’s no troop that is for my girl’s level or that meets at a time and place that works for our schedule).  What can we do?

If any of these things are the case, there are two things you and your girl can do.  The first is that your girl can become an independent member of Girl Scouts.   Independent members can do the same things, earn the same awards, and go to the same events as every other Girl Scout.  They can come to all Medford Girl Scout events, as well as sign up for events and camp through Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

11031914_10152795914903717_5216161160224502037_nAnother option is to start a troop!  The Medford Girl Scout community of troops, leaders, and volunteers would look forward to supporting you as you expand our reach and make room for more girls to get involved.  Click here to learn more about volunteering.  We also encourage you to reach out to us so we can answer your questions.  Click here for the “Contact Us” form.

I’m interested in learning more about Girl Scout Camp.gs68137campingday8

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts offer camps during the summer, as well as during February and April school breaks.  Summer camp has both day-camp and resident (overnight) options.  In addition, for the first time this year, summer camp for pre-K girls will be offered at Camp Rice Moody in Reading.  There is bus service to Camp Cedar Hills in Waltham from Somerville and Arlington and there is bus service to Camp Rice Moody from Medford.  Click here for more info and to register. 

Where Can I buy some Girl Scout cookies?Troop69039_2

Girl Scout cookies are only sold from approximately mid-December to mid-March each year.

I’m interested in volunteering.  What is involved and what are the different roles for volunteers in Medford?DSCN0971

We are so glad you are interested and there are many roles for adult volunteers!  You can start a troop and be a co-leader of that troop (all troops require at least two leaders), or you can join an existing troop as a co-leader or assistant troop leader.

You can also volunteer to teach some specific skills or crafts to girls at a meeting or special event (such as first aid, hiking, pet care, or jewelry making for example.)  Volunteering like this can be a one-time thing or it could be for longer.  We also need volunteers to help lead Medford Girl Scout camping trips and we need volunteers to help lead the Medford Service Unit (including helping coordinate the cookie sale, helping with publicity, etc.).  Click here to contact us to talk more about all the different options.