Celebrating our Fantastic Leaders!

Medford Girl Scouts was pleased to celebrate its fantastic volunteer troop leaders at our last monthly leader meeting of the year. Without all our troop leaders, assistant troop leaders, and other volunteers, there wouldn’t be troop meetings, field trips, camping trips, or cookie sales.  Quite simply, Medford’s Girl Scout volunteers are helping the leaders of tomorrow to grow, learn new skills, try new things, have fun, and make friends to last a lifetime.

This year, Medford Girl Scouts honored some of its newest troop leaders and assistant troop leaders with the Green and Growing Award.  This award is for volunteers who have lead a troop for less than two years, who have completed their required trainings, participated in at least one Medford Girl Scout or GSEMA event or program, participated in the cookie sale, welcomed new members to the troop this year and next.

GreenGrowingAwardCongratulations to the following 2017 Green and Growing Awardees

  • Jeanette Albee
  • Kerri Babish
  • Shalena Bonnett
  • Amy Clark
  • Lisa Cohen
  • Lynde Doherty
  • Eve Driscoll
  • Meghan Dwyer
  • Jane Hamel
  • Rachael Mattull
  • Melissa Maywalt
  • Stacy Pattureli
  • Moira Pulitzer-Kennedy
  • Courtney Russo
  • Seana Smith
  • Selena Steinberg
  • Jessica Turner-Waugh

manenoughtobeaGSNot all men are Man Enough to be a Girl Scout and Medford Girl Scouts gave a special shout out to the men who volunteer as troop leaders.

  • Tracy Keene
  • John Pappas
  • Paul Ruseau
  • James Kossuth



superheroMedford Girl Scout Leaders also took the opportunity to nominate their fellow volunteers and, through that process, the following leaders were honored with a Treasured Volunteer Award.

  • Lynda Panico – Cookie Queen
  • Tracy Keene – Best Leader Ever
  • Ann Frenning-Kossuth – Community Relations, Community Connector, and Advocate
  • Jenna LaBissoniere – Events Coordinator and Troop Pathway Orientation Trainer
  • Monique O’Connell – Medford Treasurer and Cookie Guru
  • Lindsay Nordstrom – Troop Pathway Orientation Trainer
  • Rebecca Scott – Communications and Recruitment





Medford Girl Scouts is Looking for Adults to Volunteer to be Troop Leaders

Ask not what Girl Scouts can do for you but what you can do for Girl Scouts…

Medford Girl Scouts is actively recruiting adults to help lead troops.  We currently have more girls who want to be Girl Scouts then we have troops to place them in!

Being a Girl Scout troop leader, or an assistant troop leader, is lots of fun.  Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts holds regular trainings and there are ready-made programming ideas.  One of the most important aspects of Girl Scouts is that it is girl-led and the goal of being an adult volunteer is to help the girls learn how to discover new skills and activities, connect with each other, and take action to make the world a better place.

Both men and women can volunteer to be troop leaders.  You can either start a new troop or join a troop that is looking for volunteers to be assistant troop leaders.  All troops must have at least two adults at every meeting so, if you want to start a troop, you can either find someone to start it with or Medford Girl Scouts will help you identify a co-leader.  If you start a new troop, you and your co-leader will decide where, when, how often your troop will meet.

We are especially looking for Daisy and Brownie troop leaders (Kindergarten to 3rd grade.)  As the girls get older, they stay with same troop and the troop ages with them.  Here are the different types of Girl Scouts and their ages:

  • Daisies, grades K-1
  • Brownies, grades 2-3
  • Juniors, grades 4-5
  • Cadettes, grades 6-8
  • Seniors, grades 9-10
  • Ambassadors, grades 11-12

If you are interested in learning more, or if you have questions about how it all works and what’s involved, contact Rebecca Scott (Medford Girl Scouts Service Unit Organizer and Brownie Troop Leader) by filling out the form on this page:  medfordgirlscouts.org/contact-us

You can also learn more about the troop leader trainings and review the “New Troop Checklist” by clicking on the links below.

– Troop Leader Learning Plan Flowchart

– New Troop Getting Started Check-List

If you are interested volunteering, it would be ideal to start planning now so you could hold your first troop meeting in the fall.  We will help you publicize the troop to invite girls to sign up.