Medford Girl Scouts Take It To The Next Level

The Troop numbers will stay the same but over 130 Medford Girl Scouts are bridged up from one level to the next this year. Many of the girls participated in the City-Wide Bridging Ceremony that was held at St. Raphael’s Parish on June 15.  Thanks to Jenna LaBissoniere, Lynda Panico, and Jenn Iacopucci for organizing the event, and thanks to all the girls and their families for participating!

Bridging Troops
Daisies to Brownies
Troop 72091 (Leaders: Sharon and Melissa)
Troop 72095 (Leaders: Kathy and Keely)
Troop 72103 (Leaders: Debbie and Tracy)
Troop 72027 (Leaders: Jenn and Stacey)
Brownies to Juniors
Troop 72102 (Leaders: Paul and Kathryn)
Troop 72094 (Leaders: Flo, Andrea, and John)
Troop 72069 – 2 girls in the troop bridged (Leaders: Jane and Lisa)
Troop 69039 – Half the troop bridged (Leaders: Jenna, Lynda and Brooke)
Juniors to Cadettes
Troop 65264 (Leaders: Ann, James, Christine, and Liz)
Troop 65456 (Leaders: Andie and Leigh)
Cadette to Seniors
Troop 71205 (Leader: Caren)
Troop 65007 – 2 girls in the troop bridged (Leader: Monique)

Girl Scouts in Medford’s 2017 Patriot’s Day Ceremony

Special thanks to all the girls and their families who came to the Salem Street Burying Grounds to participate in Medford’s Patriot’s Day Ceremony.  The girls collectively recited the Pledge of Allegiance, helped place flags on the graves on the Patriots, and then marched down to Medford Square to wait for Paul Revere to ride through town.  It was perfect weather and a great turn out with girls from Daisy to Cadette troops represented.

Medford Has Its Own Girl Scout Flags

20170106_145152Medford Girl Scouts is proud to announce that we have recently purchased our own set of Girl Scout flags, which are available for troop and city-wide events. The money to purchase the flags came from the $300 bonus Medford Girl Scouts received from Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts when more than 50% of our girls re-registered before June 30 last year during the early bird Spring Renewal membership drive. Thanks to all the troop leaders and volunteers for helping their members re-register early.

20170106_203102We have three flags: a Medford Girl Scout flag, a World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts flag, and a flag of the United States of America.  In addition, we also have flag stands and flag holders that the girls can wear while walking with the flags.

The Girl Scout website explains that a “flag ceremony honors the American flag as the symbol of our country and all the hopes, dreams, and people it represents. If your group includes girls from other countries, invite them to honor their flags too, and together conduct an international flag ceremony. Flag ceremonies may be used for:

  • Opening or closing meetings
  • Opening or closing special events
  • Beginning or closing a day
  • Honoring a special occasion or special person
  • Retiring a worn flag

Flag ceremonies may take place in meeting rooms, outdoor settings, large auditoriums, onstage, or even on horseback. The American flag is carried by a color guard for protection during a flag ceremony. All flag ceremonies share one thing—respect for the flag.”

20170310_154315If your troop would like to learn how to do a flag ceremony, please check out the links below:

To borrow Medford Girl Scout flags, contact the Medford Girl Scout Coordinator Andie Farro at



Daisy Troop 72096 Makes a Difference in Medford

Medford Girl Scouts Complete “Take Action” Project by Releasing Ladybugs to Support Food Pantry Garden

GirlsWithGardenersThe girls from Troop 72096, who just completed first grade, gathered together on Saturday, July 16, with several master gardeners at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford to conclude their Daisy year with a Take Action project: the release of almost 20 ladybugs. These small insects are formidable fighters and eat aphids, tiny bugs that afflict vegetable gardens. Controlling aphids is especially important because the food grown at the church is donated directly to the Community Cupboard food pantry. Fewer aphids will equal healthier plants, which will mean more food for the 7090 families that rely on the pantry each week.

Sydney and JoanThe Daisy Girl Scouts spent the past few months learning about gardens. They planted and tended snow peas and beets at Grace Episcopal Church in Medford, which were all donated to the food pantry. Through this work, the girls learned about what gardens need to stay healthy.

They became interested in raising ladybugs and built small habitats to allow each girl to raise a few insects. Having tended them carefully through their larva and pupa stages, the girls were thrilled to watch numerous Spotted Pink Ladybugs emerge from their cocoons. On July 16 at dusk, after carefully watering the plants and inspecting for evidence of aphids, the girls released the ladybugs into their new home. The ladybugs now inhabit the Medford Community Cupboard Food Pantry Vegetable Garden, which is a new program started this year by the food pantry with support from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford and the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association. A team of Master Gardeners “champions” the program and are on site every Thursday from 1PM to 4PM, providing education, working with volunteers, and harvesting vegetables that are distributed at the food pantry on Thursday evenings.

Hannah and JoanThe girls very much enjoyed working with the Master Gardeners to contribute to this local food pantry and they eagerly look forward to the projects they may take on as Brownies this coming school year!

Everyone Loves a Parade – All Girl Scouts are Invited to March in the Parade for Medford’s 385th Birthday

entering-medford-resized-600The City of Medford will be holding a parade to celebrate the city’s 385th birthday!

  • Date: Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015
  • Time: 2:00 PM
  • Troop Registration Deadline: Sept. 19, 2015

Participants: Registered Girls Scouts and adult chaperones. Adults do not need to be registered members of Girl Scouts. Non-Girl Scout siblings may not march in the parade.

Route: Parade starts at Medford High School (MHS,) proceeds down Winthrop Street onto High Street, onto Riverside Avenue, disbanding at Medford City Hall.

Registration: Medford Girl Scouts are registered for the parade and all Troops will march together. Troop Leaders must register their Troop’s participation with the Medford Service Unit parade co-coordinator, Carolyn Heald, by September 19th.

Cost: $2.00 per girl for a parade fun patch. There is no cost for adults.  Checks should be made payable to Medford Service Unit 406.

Guidelines and Safety: Please review the following safety guidelines:

  • Uniforms – Girls should wear their uniform: khaki bottoms (shorts, skort, skirt or pants), plain white top, and their vest or sash. Adults should wear khaki bottoms, a white shirt or official Girl Scout shirt, and if registered should wear their insignia tab and pins.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and bring water
  • Each Troop is responsible for transportation to the meeting point at Medford City Hall (to be shuttled to the start of the parade) and for ensuring that all of their members are reunited with their parent/guardian at the end of the parade
  • Each Troop is responsible for having the correct safety ratio for the event. The adult-to-girl ratios are two non-related adults (at least one of whom is female) to every:
    • 6 Girl Scout Daisies, 12 Girl Scout Brownies, 16 Girl Scout Juniors, 20 Girl Scout Cadettes, 24 Girl Scout Seniors, 24 Girl Scout Ambassadors
    • Plus one adult to each additional:  4 Girl Scout Daisies, 6 Girl Scout Brownies, 8 Girl Scout Juniors, 10 Girl Scout Cadettes, 12 Girl Scout Seniors, 12 Girl Scout Ambassadors
  • Each girl needs to have a designated buddy for the parade
  • Parade decorations – We will not have a float (extra insurance required). Troops may make signs to carry.  The Parade organizers do not want anything thrown into the crowds.
  • Completed Activity Permission Form for each girl.  Troop leaders to keep with them.