Incentives for Early Bird Membership Renewal

065d7668-aa65-4fdd-832a-39e24c4bc982Re-registration has begun and now is the time for girls and adult volunteers to renew their Girl Scout membership for the 2015/16 year.  Re-registering is an important way for leaders to begin planning for next year.  It also allows our Medford Service Unit to focus on enrolling new Girl Scouts in the fall.

There are incentives at both the troop level and the Medford Service Unit level to renew memberships by June 30.   Let’s see what we can do together to secure these fun benefits for Medford!

Service Unit Incentives

If we renew 60% of our girl and adult membership by June 30, we will be in the running for the following incentives.  In Medford, re-registering 60% of our members means we need to renew 137 girls and 62 adults.

  1. Lunch with the CEO:  The three Service Units with the highest renewal percentage of girls and adults combined will win an opportunity for lunch with the CEO. The lunch will be available to 3-5 key volunteers within the Service Unit.
  2. First choice of encampment date and location for spring 2016:  The first two Service Units who reach 60% of their membership goal during spring renewal will earn their first choice of encampment date and location for spring 2016.  All property rental paperwork as well as payment must be received in the Boston office by October 15, 2015.
    • An encampment provides a safe, fun, educational outdoor experience for multiple troops /groups from the same service unit for 1 or 2 nights. A trained Encampment Director from your service unit must rent at least half of the camp sites at the camp of your choosing. All training and certifications must be submitted with your camp site rental form. In the event of a cancellation, written notice MUST be received 6 weeks prior to your date to receive a refund.

Troop Incentives

Girl members who renew during this period will receive a free fun patch (see the picture above for what the fun patch looks like).   In addition, they will be invited to the Spring Renewal Exclusive: Ultimate Program Sneak Peek on September 12 for free.  

This event at Camp Cedar Hill will showcase the amazing additions on the property, like the new high ropes course, as well as having an opportunity to sample some of the fun and exciting activities that highlight the 2015-2016 Ultimate Guide programs.

How to Re-Register

The Spring Renewal incentive period runs until June 30 and is for online registrations only. Paper forms for families requesting financial aid will be accepted.  For details about how to apply for financial aid, contact our Recruitment Specialist, Heather Gaspar, at

The cost of membership is $25 for girls ($15 for Girl Scouts USA and $10 for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts) and $15 for adults (for Girl Scouts USA).  Memberships run from October 1 – September 30.

  • Girls and adults can re-register themselves on the E-Biz site.
  • Alternatively, troop leaders can renew memberships on behalf of the members of their troop.  If a troop leader is renewing the membership on behalf of a girl or adult volunteer, the leader would receive a check or cash from the girl or adult member and then use their troop credit card to renew the membership through the E-Biz site.

Looking to make it more fun?  GSEM has some suggestions for how to host a “Troop Membership Renewal Party.”  See below to download a party how-to sheet and a PDF of invitations you can use.

If you have any questions, please contact the CES Help Desk, Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 5 PM, at The Help Desk staff is prepared to assist anyone who needs online registration support.

Click here for the Renewal Party How-to

Click here for the Renewal Party Postcards

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