5 New Outdoor Badges Just Announced – Download the Requirements Here for Free

ec5a181e54de7f832f4280c82fe0bbc2Summer is the perfect season to get outdoors and summer is also the perfect time for Girl Scouts to release five new, outdoor-themed badges.  To make it even better, the requirements are free!  You can download them through the links in this post.

Girl Scouts across the country voted on which badges they would like added and here’s a summary of the winners:

  • Brownies – Outdoor Adventurer:  This is a great warm-up badge for camping.  Girls can play outdoor group games, go a nature hike (day or night), watch the sky, play Capture the Flag, learn how to tie knots, light a campfire, build a bird feeder, and/or care for the outdoors.  Click here to download the Brownie Outdoor Adventurer Badge requirements.
  • Juniors – Horseback Riding:  If you know a Junior who already knows how to ride a horse, then she will have this badge in the bag.  For girls who are curious and want to try horseback riding, this badge will help them learn how to take care of horses, prepare, and then go, for a ride.  Click here to download the Junior Horseback Riding Requirements.
  • Cadettes – Archery:  This badge helps Girl Scouts learn about archery equipment and safety, as well as teaching them how to practice techniques, shoot the bow, and, finally, create an archery challenge.  As with the Horseback Riding badge, this badge will be a cinch for girls who are already familiar with archery and it will be a good way for girls who are interested, but have never tried it before, to learn.  Click here to download the Cadette Archery Badge Requirements
  • Seniors – Paddling:  My paddle’s keen and bright. Flashing with silver. Follow the wild goose flight. Dip, dip and swing.  This badge will teach girls paddling safety, stroke techniques, as well as giving them a chance to learn about different paddling sports, such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. After mastering the basics, girls must go out for at least two separate paddles to earn the badge.  Click here to download the Senior Paddling Badge Requirements.
  • Ambassadors – Ultimate Recreation Challenge:  This badge encourages girls to take it to the next level and try things they’ve never done before whether it is on the hiking trail, on water, or while camping.  Girls are also required to do something out of the ordinary, such a snowmobiling, zip-lining, or cave diving.  Finally, girls will need to also do an outdoor activity that is specific to where they live.  Click here to download the Ambassador Ultimate Recreation Challenge Badge Requirements.

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