Medford’s Cookie Sales Bounce Back in 2022

Medford Girl Scouts’ cookies sales bounced back to their 2020 high after dipping down last year during the pandemic. In total, Medford sold 48,441 packages of cookies this year, which is a 22.5% increase over last year’s total of 39,532. 307 girls participated in the cookie sale this year, up from 245 last year.

Medford’s cookie sale accomplishments contributed to Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA) setting a new PGA (per girl average) record of 140 packages. GSEMA also reported that “the new Adventurefuls became the fourth most popular cookie in the lineup this year following Thin Mints, Caramel deLites and Peanut Butter Patties. Through the Cookies for a Cause donation program, customers donated nearly 54,000 packages of cookies to first responders, healthcare workers, teachers, hunger relief groups, and military organizations.”

Congratulations to 1st Grade Daisy Troop 83400 for being Medford’s top selling troop this year. This was only their second year selling cookies!

Top 5 selling troops

Daisy Troop 83400 – 4,344

Cadette Troop 69039 – 3,924

Brownie Troop 67708 – 2,554

Senior Troop 68137 – 2,337

Junior Troop 62974 – 2,280

Top Selling Girls and Members of 500 Club*

  • Olivia M – Troop 83400 – 878
  • Shayna H – Troop 72103-805
  • Karley K- Troop 62969 -703
  • Emily M – Troop 64366 – 679
  • Jenny O – Troop 65007 – 629
  • Trinity L – Troop 72096 – 614
  • Abby L – Troop 65007– 522
  • Meredith D – Troop 83400 -515
  • Sophia L – Troop 69039 – 514
  • Bethiah P – Troop 68137 – 514
  • Evelyn P – Troop 83400 – 512
  • Mikalin B – Troop 69039 – 504
  • Reanna P – Troop 69039 – 502

* Girls who sell at least 500 packages of cookies in Eastern Massachusetts are members of the 500 Club. This year, 500 Club members could either receive 2 tickets to Canobie Lake Park on June 5 (rain date June 12) and charms for their charm bracelet, or a cozy kit featuring koala slippers, a blanket and a sleep mask.

This year marked a milestone for Medford Girl Scouts because it was Ambassador Troop 65007’s last year selling cookies. Over the years, they have often been the top selling troop as they raised funds to support their travel plans from Rocking Horse Ranch in Upstate NY to their European adventures. Congratulations to all the girls for being exemplary Cookie Bosses.
Brownie Troop 67706

What a Year for Medford Girl Scouts!

IMG_7978As Girl Scout troop activities wind down for the summer, it’s a good opportunity to look back and celebrate. Medford Girl Scouts had a great year building girls of courage, confidence and character and here are some stats that back up that claim.


Moving on Up

The following troops bridged to the next level

Daisies to Brownies

  • Troop 62732 – Leaders: Rachael, Courtney, and Ellen
  • Troop 62969 – Leaders: Melissa and Shalena
  • Troop 62970 – Leaders: Meghan and Kerri
  • Troop 62971 – Leaders: Eve and Lynde
  • Troop 62974 – Leaders: Lisa and Jacque


Brownies to Juniors

  • Troop 72096 – Leaders: Jane and Lisa
  • Troop 69024 – Leaders: Amy and Jeannette
  • Troop 69039 (3rd grade girls) – Leaders: Jenna, Lynda & Tara

Juniors to Cadettes

  • Troop 69166 – Leaders: Selena and other Tufts students
  • Troop 68137 – Leaders: Rebecca, Gretchen and Moira
  • Troop 68140 – Leaders: Carolyn and Julie

Cadettes to Seniors

  • Troop 75198 – Leaders: Gretchen, Kim, and Lindsay

Seniors to Ambassadors

  • Troop 65007 – Leader: Monique


Celebrating our Volunteers

The following new leaders received the Green and Growing Award. This award is for leaders and assistant troop leaders who have lead a troop for less than two years, who have completed their required trainings, participated in at least one Medford Girl Scout or GSEMA event or program, participated in the cookie sale, welcomed new members to the troop.

  • Jacque Aureli
  • Ashley Bennett
  • Michele Candeias
  • Dena Dalelio
  • Rose Polenzani Drozek
  • Christin Keegan
  • Leah Leach
  • Jessica Rivieccio
  • Yamaris Vazquez

In addition, the following Medford leaders were awarded the Volunteer of Excellence pin for going above and beyond their troop roles to help organize city-wide events or support Medford Girl Scouts and GSEMA in other ways.

  • Jane Hamel – for organizing caroling in the retirement community
  • Jenn Iacopucci – for organizing the Brownie Computer Expert badge workshops with the Tufts Girls of Code
  • Tracy Keene – for being a GSEMA Regional Delegate
  • Sharon McCarthy- for organizing participation in the Medford/Malden Lantern Parade)
  • Lynda Panico – for organizing the city-wide bridging with Jenna LaBissioniere
  • Paul Ruseau – for supporting other men who want to be leaders in GSEMA


Girl Scouts in Medford’s 2017 Patriot’s Day Ceremony

Special thanks to all the girls and their families who came to the Salem Street Burying Grounds to participate in Medford’s Patriot’s Day Ceremony.  The girls collectively recited the Pledge of Allegiance, helped place flags on the graves on the Patriots, and then marched down to Medford Square to wait for Paul Revere to ride through town.  It was perfect weather and a great turn out with girls from Daisy to Cadette troops represented.

Spring Renewal re-registration has incentives for girls, troops, and Medford!

1489495718491The Girl Scout membership year officially runs from October 1 to September 30 but Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts is offering special incentives for girls, troops and for Medford when girls and adult volunteers re-register early.

To re-register, go to or call customer care at 844-306-GSEM (4736).

Please note, the membership fees for next year will go up to $40 for girls ($25 for Girl Scouts USA and $15 for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts) and $25 for adults (for Girl Scouts USA).  Girl Scouts is committed to making sure that ability to pay will never be a barrier to being a member and financial aid is available upon request. Look for the check-box to request financial aid in the renewal process.


Email_PatchGirls who renew before April 25 will receive:

  • Spring Renewal patch
  • $5 girl program credit for GSEMA programs
  • a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more at a GSEMA shop

If a girl renews between April 26 and June 13, 2017, she will receive the Spring Renewal patch.


Girls_Choice_Results_960x960 (002) (1)Renew 75% of your girls in your troop (and two adult volunteers) by June 13 and receive:

  • a coupon for the NEW 2017 Girls’ Choice Troop Camping badges for Daisy through Ambassador Girl Scouts, redeemable at any Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts council shop. This badge is the first-ever for Daisy Girl Scouts. (Coupon will be valid for number of badges equal to number of girls renewed.)
  • a link to the Troop Camping badge requirements.  Badge requirements will be ready for download this summer and in council stores by August.

Note: To qualify for troop incentive, troop must renew a minimum of four girls and two adult volunteers, have no Product Sales debt, and submit a troop financial report by June 30, 2017.


If we renew the following percentages of girls by June 13, we will receive a cash bonus that we can use to benefit Medford Girl Scouts:

  • 75% of girls (which is 237 out of 316 girls): $500
  • 65% of girls (which is 205 out of 316 girls): $400
  • 50% of girls (which is 158 out of 316 girls): $300

20170106_145152Last year, we re-registered more than 50% of our girls and we received $300 that we used to buy a set of Girl Scout flags which we can use for city-wide events and which troops can use for their own flag ceremonies.  Click here for more information about our new set of flags.


  • The three service units/areas with the highest percentage of renewed girls will receive lunch with GSEMA’s CEO, Pat Parcellin, and Chief Membership Services Officer, Carrie Weatherbee.
  • The service unit/area with the highest percentage of renewed girls will also be awarded a complimentary table for eight at GSEMA’s signature breakfast event, the 2018 Leading Women Awards.

Girl Scout Membership Has Its Privileges

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts offers Girl Scouts and their families discounts to arts, cultural, and sports events in the area.  Girls and their friends and families can attend any event on their own, or troops can arrange to go as a group.

Here are some of the upcoming member benefits:

  • Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions 2016 – Sunday, Nov. 13 at 7pm at the Boston Garden.  Tickets for Girl Scouts and their family and friends are $25 and must be ordered by Oct. 30.  The Scout tickets include a 2016 Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions patch and Scouts can test their balance, flexibility, and strength at the Kellogg’s Fitness Zone on the concourse.  Click here for the form to order tickets.
  • Boston Holiday Pops – Saturday, Dec. 3 at 11 am and Sunday, December 4 at 11 am.  Join conductor Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops in a performance filled with holiday music favorites, the traditional Pops sing-a-long, and even a visit from jolly old Santa Claus! You can  purchase a Boston Pops Girl Scout patch when you order your tickets. To purchase your tickets visit
  • Wachusett Mountain – Nov. 15, 2016 – April 15, 2017.  Girl Scout discount for skiing and snowboarding tickets.  Click here for the flyer
  • Pats Peak  – Girl Scouts get special discounts on tickets if purchased online in advance at Enter code: GSEM under Company/Program name. Also, Girl Scouts get 1 free ticket for every 15 purchased as a group (1 for every 10 on Scout Weekend March 4 & 5, 2017).  Click here for the flyer

For a complete list of member benefits,  click here to see the list on the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts website.

Daisy Troop 72096 Makes a Difference in Medford

Medford Girl Scouts Complete “Take Action” Project by Releasing Ladybugs to Support Food Pantry Garden

GirlsWithGardenersThe girls from Troop 72096, who just completed first grade, gathered together on Saturday, July 16, with several master gardeners at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford to conclude their Daisy year with a Take Action project: the release of almost 20 ladybugs. These small insects are formidable fighters and eat aphids, tiny bugs that afflict vegetable gardens. Controlling aphids is especially important because the food grown at the church is donated directly to the Community Cupboard food pantry. Fewer aphids will equal healthier plants, which will mean more food for the 7090 families that rely on the pantry each week.

Sydney and JoanThe Daisy Girl Scouts spent the past few months learning about gardens. They planted and tended snow peas and beets at Grace Episcopal Church in Medford, which were all donated to the food pantry. Through this work, the girls learned about what gardens need to stay healthy.

They became interested in raising ladybugs and built small habitats to allow each girl to raise a few insects. Having tended them carefully through their larva and pupa stages, the girls were thrilled to watch numerous Spotted Pink Ladybugs emerge from their cocoons. On July 16 at dusk, after carefully watering the plants and inspecting for evidence of aphids, the girls released the ladybugs into their new home. The ladybugs now inhabit the Medford Community Cupboard Food Pantry Vegetable Garden, which is a new program started this year by the food pantry with support from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford and the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association. A team of Master Gardeners “champions” the program and are on site every Thursday from 1PM to 4PM, providing education, working with volunteers, and harvesting vegetables that are distributed at the food pantry on Thursday evenings.

Hannah and JoanThe girls very much enjoyed working with the Master Gardeners to contribute to this local food pantry and they eagerly look forward to the projects they may take on as Brownies this coming school year!

5 New Outdoor Badges Just Announced – Download the Requirements Here for Free

ec5a181e54de7f832f4280c82fe0bbc2Summer is the perfect season to get outdoors and summer is also the perfect time for Girl Scouts to release five new, outdoor-themed badges.  To make it even better, the requirements are free!  You can download them through the links in this post.

Girl Scouts across the country voted on which badges they would like added and here’s a summary of the winners:

  • Brownies – Outdoor Adventurer:  This is a great warm-up badge for camping.  Girls can play outdoor group games, go a nature hike (day or night), watch the sky, play Capture the Flag, learn how to tie knots, light a campfire, build a bird feeder, and/or care for the outdoors.  Click here to download the Brownie Outdoor Adventurer Badge requirements.
  • Juniors – Horseback Riding:  If you know a Junior who already knows how to ride a horse, then she will have this badge in the bag.  For girls who are curious and want to try horseback riding, this badge will help them learn how to take care of horses, prepare, and then go, for a ride.  Click here to download the Junior Horseback Riding Requirements.
  • Cadettes – Archery:  This badge helps Girl Scouts learn about archery equipment and safety, as well as teaching them how to practice techniques, shoot the bow, and, finally, create an archery challenge.  As with the Horseback Riding badge, this badge will be a cinch for girls who are already familiar with archery and it will be a good way for girls who are interested, but have never tried it before, to learn.  Click here to download the Cadette Archery Badge Requirements
  • Seniors – Paddling:  My paddle’s keen and bright. Flashing with silver. Follow the wild goose flight. Dip, dip and swing.  This badge will teach girls paddling safety, stroke techniques, as well as giving them a chance to learn about different paddling sports, such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. After mastering the basics, girls must go out for at least two separate paddles to earn the badge.  Click here to download the Senior Paddling Badge Requirements.
  • Ambassadors – Ultimate Recreation Challenge:  This badge encourages girls to take it to the next level and try things they’ve never done before whether it is on the hiking trail, on water, or while camping.  Girls are also required to do something out of the ordinary, such a snowmobiling, zip-lining, or cave diving.  Finally, girls will need to also do an outdoor activity that is specific to where they live.  Click here to download the Ambassador Ultimate Recreation Challenge Badge Requirements.